Clinical Monitoring

Clinical monitoring with seasoned experts

Very well prepared CRAs to train site staff effectively. Leading to less protocol deviations, queries and good reliable data quality. CRAs support sites in an ongoing basis especially during FPI. Compared to other CROs, sites are not referred to a help desk.

Clinical Monitoring tailored to study needs, executed to support sites perform.

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Understanding Clinical Trials

Our Approach

CRAs support site team to deliver best possible performance

Start with extensive site training with focus on what is not part of the daily routine (e.g., PK samples, Diaries, Biopsy, Photography)

Provide convenient remote support during FPI

Ongoing and continuous close site staff support

Ongoing data cleaning

Timely reporting of PDs by CRA and review by PM and/or MM

Clinical Monitoring – Our Strategy

Always looking for the right strategy together with the sponsor

Risk-based monitoring

Remote Monitoring between Onsite visits

Remote Check of data with eCRF reports

Partial SDV (Data points to be monitored will be determined with sponsor after final protocol)

Approach can be customized to study and site needs and will be described in detail in monitoring manual

What we stand for

Strong connection of CRAs to site teams

Well trained and committed site teams

Excellent overview of CRA of site activities

Very good reachability of CRAs for site and sponsor

Ongoing sponsor oversight

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Our Services

We are a full-service CRO. We take this literally – whether you choose all or some of our service functions.