Committed study teams make you successful! How value-based thinking and acting defines our company culture.

If you ask our employees to give the decisive reason for working with proinnovera over the past 20 years, you will learn about our team spirit and the corporate culture practiced by all our staff. Our most important tools are not our technical machinery, or our data analysis software, or our expensive lab equipment, but our values:

Success    Creativity    Enthusiasm    Risk-Taking    Sustainability    Loyalty

These values continuously shape our work and will motivate us to conduct your project as creatively and successfully as if it was our own. For you, this means one thing above all: fully committed study teams who will take the initiative to reach the milestones in your project punctually, or even ahead of schedule.

With us, employees, sponsors and patients feel good in their own skin – a winning game for all contributors:


Our company culture is based on value-oriented thinking and acting and focusses on each employee. Individual contributions enjoy permanent appreciation and personal skills are encouraged. In a space of trust and creativity, each employee does thereby contribute to the successful conduct of your trial.


Our sponsors are excited about engaged study teams who know about the sense behind their daily work and who are committed to worldwide skin health. They are excited about highest quality and highest conscientious study conducts resulting from these fabulous mindsets. They are excited about valid data. They are excited about the path we pursue together straight towards market application.


Our patient website provides interested patients with freely available information about current or upcoming recruiting studies. Our study participants pass a thorough informed consent process and are fully aware of their personal ethical contribution to common health. There is nothing better than realizing market authorization of a product, the clinical research to which you have contributed. To state with certainty that patients have access to an improved therapy is priceless – for our sponsors, for our study teams, for study participants, and for affected patients.


As a CRO specializing in dermatology clinical trials, we always master new challenges with creativity and inspiration. We will develop individualized and product-specific solutions for you. Target orientation, further development and innovation are fixed values in our daily business.


Our Vision: Supporting Global Skin Health!

This is what we stand for and what we are striving to do!

The early years

1997 - Company foundation

Company owner Dr. Burkhard Breuer founded proverum GmbH in Münster as a two-person company, with a focus on monitoring.


2002 - Phase 1

Our current CEO, Dr. Marion Breuer, founded the Center of Dermatology Excellence which, as a study site and SMO, is presently conducting clinical studies in dermatology and inflammatory diseases.


2005 - International partnerships

Dr. Breuer established the first international contacts with other partner CROs and laid the foundation for the global expansion of our company. In the meantime, operating as a full-service CRO, we are now offering the service of conducting clinical studies in Europe.
proinnovera GmbH

2007 - Foundation of proinnovera GmbH

Meanwhile, proverum GmbH is conducting clinical trials with a focus on innovative biological products. In order to satisfy the continuously expanding range of services, Dr. Burkhard Breuer founded proinnovera GmbH. The company’s name states what has proven true over the years which followed: proinnovera stands for innovative thinking and moving with the times.


2010 - Strategic study performance

Continuing its growth, proinnovera entered into worldwide strategic study performance. A common strategy for the flexible conduct of international studies focusing on Dermatology was decided.


2012 - Wienburg 207

proinnovera relocated. Since March 2012, the company headquarters have been located in the former Wyeth Pharma building, thus guaranteeing the highest safety standards for our branch.  As a former employee of Wyeth Pharma, Dr. Burkhard Breuer himself worked here from 1995 to 1997.


2012 - Industrial cooperation partnership

Cumulative expertise in Westfalen: proinnovera was now working together with the Münster biotechnology company Cilian AG on approval of the recombinant, human flu vaccine Ciflu®, for clinical development.



Photo: Dirk Anger, Westfaelische Nachrichten

2015 - Expansion of Company Management

Dr. Marion Breuer, who until this point had carried out the role of Director of the CDE, was appointed as co-CEO. Since then, she has been controlling the strategic direction of proinnovera on the global dermatology market, together with Dr. Burkhard Breuer.


Full-Service CRO

2016 - Global CRO

In the meantime, proinnovera has further developed into a full-service provider. Due to its continuous growth, the company now employs approximately 100 full-time staff members at its headquarters in Münster. 980 employees support the worldwide conduct of trials in more than 40 countries.

2018 - Proinnovera opens US Subsidiary, proinnovera Inc.

Proinnovera takes further steps to fulfill its vision and establishes a wholly owned subsidiary, proinnovera Inc., in North Carolina – the response to client’s demand for a reliable and global dermatology CRO with a US footprint. Through the opening of the US operations we sharpen our focus to become a key player in the international dermatology clinical trials market. We proudly welcome Sonja VanWye as the Vice President Clinical Operations in the US who will be responsible for team development, expanding the US footprint, contribute in site and vendor selection, as well as general management responsibilities.


Vision: Supporting Global Health

… this is the vision of both Dr. Breuers! With the experience that proinnovera has been able to accumulate since the company’s foundation, the two Dr. Breuers have established the company as an expert CRO for clinical studies in dermatology, oncology and inflammatory diseases. proinnovera is now heading consistently towards the position of global market leader in the conduct of dermatological trials.