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Clinicial research is what we have done successfully for over 25 years. We take full ownership to deliver the best quality for patients and sponsors. We are dedicated to our work.

Experience in clinical studies that matters.

Together for a Healthier Future

With us, employees, sponsors and patients feel good in their own skin – a winning game for all contributors.


Our company culture is based on value-oriented thinking and acting. Individual contributions enjoy permanent appreciation and personal skills are encouraged. In a space of trust and creativity, each employee does thereby contribute to the successful conduct of your trial.


Our sponsors are excited about engaged study teams who know about the reason behind their daily work. They are excited about highest quality and highest conscientious study conducts resulting from these mindsets. They are excited about the path we pursue together straight towards market application.


Our study participants pass a thorough informed consent process and are fully aware of their personal ethical contribution to common health. To state with certainty that patients have access to an improved therapy is priceless – for our sponsors, for our study teams, for study participants, and for affected patients.

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We are a full-service CRO. We take this literally – whether you choose all or some of our service functions.