Project Management
Pragmatic, hands-on project management

Successful project management hinges on meticulous assessment, streamlined resource allocation, and proactive communication. Rigorous project evaluation ensures a solid foundation, enabling seamless execution. Proactive strategies and transparent communication preempt issues, ensuring smooth progress. Vigilant oversight, guided by Key Performance Indicators, allows for timely adjustments, guaranteeing project success within set deadlines. This holistic approach maximizes efficiency, fostering an environment conducive to a successful clinical study execution.

Symbio Proinnovera CRO provides effective project management for your clinical study.

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Project Management Principles and Foundation

Open Communication

Daily, weekly, monthly team communication with all stakeholders

Communication rules

Meeting structure and documentation

Fluid hierarchy

Escalation report

Standardized Processes

Standardized processes in digital landscape

SOP documentation complemented with LMS

Status report and performance indicators

Focus on knowledge Management and continuous improvement

Vendor Management

Rigorous vendor selection and evaluation

Long-term relationships and personal continuity

KPIs for performance measurement

Joint improvement initiatives

Risk Management

Continuous screening of potential risks

Classify risk and communicate quickly (prioritize)

Timely preventive and corrective action (execute)

Project Oversight

Innovative solutions implemented with digital tools

Efficient and transparent study conduct with KPIs

Customized dashboards to ensure project oversight & performance

Oversight support by simple visualization

Oversight in CTMS

Review monitoring reports
Review and assess issues and protocol deviations
Review recruitment status

Oversight in our own dashboards

One central data pool for ALL systems
Receive reports on the progress of your study
Make intelligent and data backed decisions
More effective communication with your PM, your management and your investors in ongoing basis

Project controlling across all levels

Consolidation & screening of all relevant reports

Project controlling gathers all relevant information
Constant exchange of information
Risks are detecteted early and can be mitigated

Effective internal communication and governance

Controlling via BlueAnt system
Weekly Finance Meeting to discuss Milestones
Weekly Project Oversight Meetings with senior level and general management
Monthly PM Meetings to discuss lessons learned and best practice

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