The most powerful lever

Our four C-KEYS for your first quote as a sponsor

Are you in the need of value-based pricing of a clinical trial?
By using a straightforward approach based on performance and data, we are highly experienced in finding the right budget for clinical studies.

Utilizing our four C-Keys approach we have the ability to set the focus on early communication, consider dynamic market changes and find the most efficient budget using data and performance metrics. All in all, a transparent approach to find the right budget for your clinical trial.

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“Price – the most powerful lever”

How to define a value-based pricing of a clinical trial based on performance and data – a straightforward approach

Our expert & speaker

in cooperation with DynamiQ Health

Dr. Christian Adams

Senior Proposal Manager

Our moderator


Julia Hoppstädter

Business Development

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What to expect

Our C-Keys – 4 steps to pricing

Clarify – Know what is needed
Collect – Get what you need
Calculate – Link needs with workload and costs
Check – Be sure to meet your targets


The discussion was a live-session. It was an expert discussion with interactive elements allowing you to actively take part in the discussion.

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