Patient Recruitment
How to find the right patients for your study

We know how challenging it is to find the right patients for your studies.
Our experience in all regulatory aspects, and our long-lasting relationships show how well we work with different sites worldwide.
Gain from our support and benefit from transparent and measurable patient recruitment campaigns. We create personas and combine them with our evaluated performance data of previous studies to find your patients.

Find the right patients at the right time with our effective way of patient recruitment.

Our approach to overcome challenges of patient recruitment

Study Protocol

The study protocol includes all disease information about the patients which can be included in the study. This document is our basis for finding the right patients.

Define Motivation

Taking the information from the protocol, we define and analyze the motivation of patients to participate in your specific study.

Create Personas

From the basis of the motivation, we group patients and create patient personas, including the extension of personal characteristics alongside disease attributes.

Choose Activities

We then find the best ways to spread awareness of your study to the right target group, increasing the efficiency of finding the right patients for you.

How to find Patricia, Paul, Pamela and Peter Patient

Patricia the Student

Paul the Benefactor

Healthy Pamela

Peter the Pensioner

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How to find Patient Patricia

Patient Patricia

Suffering from Psoriasis
21 years old
Living in Berlin


Patricia just moved to Berlin for her teacher training in German and Biology. She is living in a shared flat, uses public transport, loves social networking with other students and has lots of free time. For 5 years, she has been suffering from psoriasis and knows how to deal with her disease. Besides that, she is looking for a job as she doesn’t have much money.


Personality: active, feminist, open for scientific approaches
Disease Goals: does not want the disease to get worse, deals with the disease by herself
Challenge: hides her disease from the public as she’s ashamed

Where to find her?

Offline: public transport, advertisement at university
Online: Google/Bing, websites, Instagram, TikTok, Jodel, Snapchat, medical platforms

How to find Patient Paul


Personality: powerful, helpful, social
Disease Goals: speaks about his disease in public to support groups and friends
Challenge: finding the best treatment

Where to find him?

Offline: billboards, screens in fitness centers, public transport
Online: Google/Bing, websites, Facebook, Instagram, self-help groups, medical platforms


Paul has lived in Dresden his whole life. After he studied social sciences, he spent one year in Australia and came back to work as a youth worker in varying schools. He is in a relationship, enjoys sport and fitness, prefers a vegetarian lifestyle, is a dog lover and is always available for his friends in case they need help. He is solution oriented and able to speak about solutions for his disease. For two years, Paul has suffered from ulcerative colitis and likes to support others dealing with this disease.

Patient Paul

Suffering from Ulcerative Colitis
33 years old
Living in Dresden

How to find Patient Pamela

Pamela Patient

Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis
38 years old
Living in Munich
Office Administrator


Pamela is living in Munich with her family. The three most important things in her life are her family, health and job. She is working as an office administrator and has a busy lifestyle. For 5 years, she has been suffering from multiple sclerosis and is therefore very insecure about her future. After Pamela’s husband encouraged her to see a doctor, she is now under treatment. Nevertheless, her disease gets worse at irregular intervals. She would like to find a treatment which helps her to stay healthy so is open to new treatments.


Personality: open minded, trusts her doctor, solution orientated
Disease Goals: open for new treatments to be more secure about her future
Challenge: busy – doesn’t have much time, wants to be healthy for her family

Where to find her?

Offline: site database, referral recommendation from her doctor for a study
Online: Google/Bing, websites

How to find Patient Peter


Personality: trust his doctor, active, loves the outdoors
Disease Goals: has a lot of time, wants to be fit and healthy
Challenge: just a few touchpoints

Where to find him?

Offline: site database, referral recommendation from his doctor for a study, pharmacy, newspaper
Online: no touchpoints


Peter is living near Nuremberg with his wife and son in their farmhouse. He is an outdoorsy person and loves daily walks in the woods. He used to be a potato farmer. His main goals are for a healthy lifestyle and to eat healthy food. He is reading a lot of books about health and nutrition. He has been suffering with actinic keratosis for two years.

Patient Peter

Suffering from Actinic Keratosis
75 years old
Living in Nuremberg

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