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“We’ve got skin in the game“ – dedicated to global skin health! You have found what you are looking for: We are specialized in dermatology clinical research.

proinnovera is a dermatology specialized and owner-managed CRO (Clinical Research Organization) headquartered in Münster, Germany. We´re a full-service CRO, and we can conduct your clinical study from Phase II to IV in over 40 countries. more…

In addition to dermatology, we possess significant expertise in oncology and inflammatory diseases. You will benefit from this unique combination of therapeutic expertise, as well as from our experience from over 300 clinical studies conducted over the past 20 years. We know the nuances, challenges and tailor-made solutions for your dermatology, medical aesthetics, onco-dermatology or dermato-immunological clinical study. more…

Our goal is to deliver fast and efficient solutions for clinical research. It is our strong belief that this is the best way to make you successful and to make your product ready for the market.

Commitment, sustainability and success are the pillars of any cooperation. Giving our word and keeping our word is our guiding belief and creativity is our contribution!


Burkhard Breuer (CEO)

Are you worried that the success of your trial is at risk because of quality issues? Contact us! Do you feel that the requirements for clinical trials are increasing so quickly that you and your staff cannot keep up? Contact us! Would you like to be able to sleep at night before an inspection of your clinical trial? Contact us! Do you have great ideas for your next clinical trial, but can´t move forward because the protocol is not written? Contact us! Does the volume of study data overwhelm you and you can´t extract the true essence? Contact us! Are your clinical trial results still waiting to be published? Contact us! Do you worry that your next dermatology trial will NOT be recruited on time? Contact us! Would you like to work with a team that prioritizes YOUR project´s success? Contact us! Do you value a safe environment for both your study subjects and your clinical trial? Contact us! Do you wish that your CRO would deliver fresh strategies for success rather than excuses for failure? Contact us! Would you choose a CRO that maximizes your success and reduces your stress? Contact us! Would you sleep better at night knowing that your CRO partner takes true ownership of your project? Contact us!

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